Should Front And Rear Tire Pressure be The Same?

There are many factors to consider when buying a car, performance being one of them. Automakers, therefore, pay attention to every detail, from the engine, body, and transmission. One key area that manufacturers and drivers must focus on is the car’s tire pressure. Weight distribution is crucial for speed, handling, and carrying capacity. This, therefore, … Read more

How Does Tire Pressure Affect Gas Mileage?

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How Does Tire Pressure Affect Acceleration, Speed & Performance?

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Why Different Cars Have Different Tire Pressure Recommendations

Your tire does not support the vehicle’s weight, but the air pressure inside does. This explains why tire pressure is a concern amongst car manufacturers, owners, and mechanics. It determines how your car performs, its driving comfort, and stability. If you follow the tire pressure specifications, cornering and braking become more manageable. In general, the … Read more

Is it Better to Have Higher or Lower Tire Pressure Than Prescribed?

Tire pressure is one of the most important aspects of car maintenance. It is important to at least maintain the specified air pressure in tires to increase their durability and ensure the safety of your car. Properly inflating your car tires according to the manufacturer’s recommendation is a critical piece of tire maintenance.  Tire pressure … Read more

Does Lower Tire Pressure Give a Smoother or Bumpier Ride?

Every driver understands the necessity of maintaining proper tire pressure for safety and efficiency on the road. This means that the tire pressure should be checked frequently before hitting the road. However, different drivers experience a ride difference when running on the optimum tire pressure. You can lower or increase the air pressure to achieve … Read more