Duraturn Tires: A Complete Brand Review

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Just the fact that the name Duratun has the word “Dura” in it should tell you that these tires are durable. Well, at least for the price they are!

If you’re looking for budget friendly and high quality tires with great customer reviews, this brand is definitely worth considering.


✔️Durable for the price
✔️Favorable warranty and return policy


❌Few options of tires available

Tire Variety
Overall Quality
Industry Standing
Customer Reviews

In this brand review article, we will discuss the history of the Duraturn Tires brand, its most popular tire models, industry ratings for its products, the company’s warranty policy, customer reviews, and more.

Duraturn Tire History

Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Rubber Company manufactures Duraturn tires. The company was founded in 2008 by Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum group with over 4.85 billion RMB funding. The factory can manufacture over 20 million radial tires with 16 million passenger tires and 4 million commercial tires.

Yanchang Rubber Co. is committed to serving the market with innovation pursuing excellence. The production team aims at producing eight series of passenger car tires with 210 series and 350 products including, High performance, ultra-high performance radial tires, run-flat tires, snow tires, sport truck, SUV, and light truck tires.

Commercial vehicle tires are available in six series and 27 sizes, 24 patterns, and more than 200 products. There are also long haul, on/off-road, mining, urban and military tires.

Yanchang succeeded in building Duraturn tires into a recognized brand with great technologies and advanced performances. These tires have been exported to over 80 countries, including Europe, North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

Duraturn Company Information

Duraturn tires is a relatively new company, and you may not be quite familiar with what it entails. It, therefore, makes sense that we are trying to keep you updated about the company.

Duraturn’s motto is “Extraordinary tires at any price,” which concisely explains its motivation. To begin, this does not mean that you can buy all these tires cheaply. It means that the company aims at providing quality tires at different price ranges.

This is different in the tire industry, considering it is competitive and cutthroat. Duraturn is also unique because it offers tires for passenger vehicles, light trucks, and big trucks.

The company, therefore, stands out among the rest, and many are trying to catch up on this trend to at least be closer to the market. Even though it cannot compare to bigger brands like Michelin and continental, some part of the market is always reserved for Duraturn.

Duraturn Tire Technologies

For Duraturn to provide high-quality budget-friendly tires, plenty of technologies can be used to maximize their production.

You will always feel proud about your purchase if the company uses high-end manufacturing equipment to get the final product into the market.

The tire factory is a modern, state-of-the-art facility with the leading tire-making equipment sourced worldwide.

These include building machines shipped from Holland, German component cutting machines, and Italian Calendaring equipment. These include rubber mixing Bunbury equipment from Japan shipped to China for a high-end assembly.

All these combined with great quality control components from the US mean that the factory is keen on the technology to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Duraturn Tires Industry Ratings

Duraturn tires have to fulfill National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) industry ratings to be sold in the US. This system rates traction, treadwear, temperature resistance, and many more.

Treadwear: Treadwear ratings determine how long the tire will last. These ratings are between 100-1000. A 600 treadwear tire will last twice longer as a tire with 300 treadwear.

Traction: Traction grade shows how a tire performs on wet roads. The traction ratings are AA, A, B, and C, where AA provides the highest traction and C the lowest.

Temperature resistance: Temperature resistance displays a tire’s performance at higher speeds. The temperature ratings are A, B, and C. Tires rated A can perform at higher speeds over 115 mph. B-rated tires can perform at speeds of 100-115 mph. Tires rated C can perform at speeds of 85-100 mph.

The table below captures four popular Duraturn tires and their UTQG scores at NHTSA.gov.

Duraturn Tire ModelTire TypeTreadwear RatingTraction RatingTemperature Rating
Mozzo TouringPassenger All-season500AA
Mozzo SportPassenger High Performance500AA
Trivia M/TSUV/LTR All-season500AA
Mozzo WinterSUV/LTR Touring/All-weather500AA

Most Popular Duraturn Tire Models

Duraturn has a long list of high-quality tires that you will be spoilt of choice trying to find the best. We will take you through the most popular variations of the brand.

Most Popular Duraturn Passenger Car Tire

Duraturn Mozzo Touring

Mozzo Touring tire is your great companion if you expect premium quality and protection that takes care of your wallet.

These tires are designed for crossovers and sedans mostly used on the roads because of their long life. If you spend a lot of time driving your car, you need these tires on your side.

It has four see-through grooves that simplify water evacuation with a solid center rib that improves traction.

The tire has a good grip over dry and wet conditions meaning it is your all-season companion all-through. The tire contributes to a quiet and smooth ride.

You can learn more about the Duraturn Mozzo Touring tires by pressing the button below


  • Great water evacuations
  • Siped center rib for great traction
  • Increased steering response
  • Comfortable ride
  • Better braking performance from optimized tread blocks


  • Tend to sway in wet conditions
  • Not good for winter

Most Popular Duraturn SUV Tire

Duraturn Travia M/T

The Duraturn Travia M/T tire is a rugged tire built for off-road and mud driving. The aggressive tread blocks and higher void ratio increased traction on such conditions.

The sidewalls have side biters, improving traction for off-road grip on rocks and obstacles. The tread blocks also have deeper sipes that improve traction when driving on the highway.

This all-season tire is rated M+S, making it a great option for SUVs and light trucks.

You can learn more about the Duraturn Travia M/T tires by pressing the button below


  • Great traction in off-road terrains due to massive tread blocks and shoulder lugs.
  • Cleaning bars in tread blocks to remove dirt and mud.
  • Sidebiters for increased off-road performance and resistance to cuts.
  • Alternating convex/concave shoulder for off-road capabilities.
  • Nylon spiral wrap offers great heat resistance.


  • Treads wear out faster when used frequently.
  • It can be very noisy and bumpy.

Most Popular Duraturn Winter Tire

Duraturn Mozzo Winter

The Mozzo winter is the best tire you could ever have for winter because of the studless tire designs that have a superior grip on wet road conditions.

The tires are built to withstand extreme winter temperatures. The studless Mozzo Winter tires stay flexible and have excellent traction on dry, snowy, wet and icy roads.

The deep treads give the tires a chance to move snow and slush away from the tires to maintain contact with the road surface.

You can learn more about the Duraturn Mozzo Winter tires by pressing the button below


  • Great traction on snowy roads with studless tire designs and zig-zag sipes for covering edges.
  • High performance in cold temperatures with soft tire compounds.
  • Increased traction with directional tread patterns.


  • The studless designs have poor handling in deep snow.

Most Popular Duraturn Performance Tires

Duraturn Mozzo Sport

Duraturn Mozzo Sport is engineered to serve mid-level sports cars and coupes for performance.

It delivers superior performance, a smooth and quiet ride, and long life.

These tires offer great handling capabilities and gripping power in dry and wet street conditions. The bold technology of these tires provides excellent road performance with comfort over long drives.

You can learn more about the Duraturn Mozzo Sport tires by pressing the button below


  • Great performance in wet conditions with wide circumferential grooves.
  • Increased steering response when turning because of the asymmetric shoulder designs.
  • Quiet, smooth, and enjoyable drive with great noise reduction technologies.
  • Great heat resistance with the double nylon spiral wrap technology.


  • Poor handling when driving on wet highways.

Types of Tires Offered By Duraturn

Duraturn has grown to be one of the leading tire brands in America because they supply options for both professional and regular uses.

You can find tires for passenger cars, big trucks, and military vehicles. This is unique for a company considering only a few companies can keep up with such efficiency standards.

Even though there is no variety of passenger cars, there are many options that you could pick from to fulfill your needs. There are plenty of winter tires, all-terrain SUV/CUV, and many more. The commercial tires are categorized into further sub-categories to get specific products.

Commercial Tires


  • DA20
  • DS28
  • Y207
  • Y606


  • DD10
  • DD13FE/DD13
  • DD15
  • DD25
  • DD51


  • DT22
  • DT23

Mixed Service

  •  DA21
  • DA25
  • DD11
  • DM56
  • DM60
  • DM63
  • DM63
  • DT63
  • Y866

Passenger & CUV

  • Mozzo Touring
  • Mozzo 4S
  • Mozzo 4S+


  • Mozzo Sport
  • Mozzo STX

Light Truck & SUV

  • Travia A/T
  • Travia H/T
  • Travia M/T


  • ST Radial


  • Mozzo Winter
  • Mozzo Winter Ice

Duraturn Tires Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

So far, so good, got them on my HHR here in Buffalo NY. Can’t speak for tread life yet but the front wheels do not soon when starting out on snow and ice on the incline at the end of my driveway like my all seasons did. Good value for the money so far.” – Simpletire review

The pictures of these tire do no justice. They look 100 times better than shown. You won’t be disappointed buying these tires.”

Negative Reviews

It’s a very soft tire and won’t fit the wheel at all. It keeps slipping off Inspite of buying the right size. Waste of money and time product. I want a replacement tire or refund.”

“So I say it is good value for money. Since you can’t expect much if per piece. Costs 50 €. I had the feeling that the grip was bad on some roads. When accelerating, it was always so strange, I had the feeling that a tire was spinning somehow even though I have four-wheel drive.”

Duraturn Tire Cost and Pricing

We already know that its motto explains its intention to provide affordable tires. Looking further into the pricing system, we can determine whether it is true or just a marketing strategy. We will guide you on the Duraturn tires that should be on your bucket list from the many tire brands around.

Duraturn has done a good job keeping their prices low to compete fairly and boast a substantial market share. They offer tires at a reasonable price, and the quality is undoubtedly great. You, therefore, get value for money, especially if you need a new set for your car on a budget.

Types of TireThe average price for each tire (small-large)
Passenger Car All-season$45-150$
Passenger Car Winter$59-$140
Passenger Car Summer$85 – $200
SUV/CUV/LT Winter$90 – $215
SUV/CUV/LTAll-season$90 – $300

Duraturn Warranties

YC Rubber Co. (North America) LLC supplies Duraturn tires in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico offers a limited mileage warranty for seven Duraturn passenger cars and light truck tires.

The company also offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for premium Mozzo Touring and Travia H/T tires.

If buyers are not satisfied with these two tire models, they can return them to the original purchase outlet within 30 days of purchase or 500 miles driving since the purchase. The dealer can refund the customer or replace the wheels.

The limited warranty covers for tires include

1. Mozzo Touring

These tires are designed for modern-day crossovers and sedans. This premium all-season touring tire has exceptional gripping power in dry and wet conditions and is available in 25 T, H, and V speed-rated sizes.

According to Duraturn, the variable tread blocks in the shoulder and optimized tread blocks across the tread footprint make the ride smooth and quiet. Buyers will get a 70,000 limited mileage warranty for this particular tire.

2. Mozzo 4S+

The Mozzo 4S+ is a wide-size passenger car and minivan tire and provides superior steering response and performance in dry and wet conditions.

It comes in 24 sizes with various speed ratings from T to W. This tire is popular because it offers a 50,000-mile limited mileage warranty for users.

3. Mozzo STX

The Mozzo STX is available in 20 sizes ranging from 20-26 inches in V and W speed ratings. A sport truck tire gives SUVs and pickups a custom look with outstanding water dissipation mechanisms provided by the wider circumferential grooves.

These features ensure a concise steering response facilitated by a solid center rib. The company further states that the symmetrical tread patterns make rotation easier, making the tire last longer than intended.

Users who buy these tires will get a limited mileage warranty and 50,000 miles from the time of purchase.

4. Mozzo Sport

Mozzo sport tires are built for modern mid-level sports cars and coupes.

This performance tire has a double nylon spiral wrap technology that resists the effects of heat build-up, which maintains uniformity for a smoother ride.

It is available in 40 W and Y. It also has a limited warranty range of 50,000 miles.

5. Mozzo 4S

The Mozzo 4S is available in 45 sizes with S to V speed ratings for compact, mid-size passenger cars, minivans, and coupes.

It delivers great value to drivers who expect an all-around performance for both dry and wet conditions.

The tires are also smooth and quiet on the road, solid handling in all driving conditions. They also come with a 45,000 miles limited mileage warranty.

6. Travia H/T

The Travia H/T is a premium all-season SUV/ CUV tire with increased traction with numerous zig-zag sipes in the tread blocks and a full nylon spiral wrap cap ply, ensuring uniformity and great accuracy heat resistance. Travia H/T is available in 26 sizes with 60,000 miles limited mileage warranty.

7. Travia A/T

Travia A/T premium on/off-road light truck tires is 25 sizes. They have a five-rib tread design with longer wear on the road and specially designed tread blocks for increased traction in off-road conditions.

Duraturn adds that cleaning bars with tread designs can keep the tread clean from debris and mud. Trivia A/T tires have a 50,000 miles limited mileage warranty.

Duraturn Tire Durability

The name “Dura” should already tell you that these tires are durable even before buying them. Otherwise, it would be a great disappointment if they did not last longer as expected.

Duraturn is very good at keeping its promises of longevity despite being a relatively new brand in the market. Even though it is less expensive than established brands like Michelin, BF Goodrich, Apollo, and Goodyear, it has durability standards close to or even similar to these bigger brands.

Duraturn is more affordable than other relatively cheaper brands that fit the same competition bracket. The warranty and return period is also favorable for many drivers, so you are well-covered if your wheels give in before you use them to their expiry date.

Duraturn Tires Summary

If you are looking for new tires, but your budget is tight, use that chance to try Duraturn tires. The brand has grown, and its reputation is solid in America and other continents.

These products will last you for some time, accompanied by great customer service. Having commercial and customer tires gives the company an edge over the rest.

For this, we give Duraturn 4 out of 5 stars for their well-engineered tires. These provide great performance in all weather and road conditions with great fuel economy.

These tires also undergo stringent testing to meet the United States market standards. It has a great warranty, which can be seen from the many reviews the brand gets.

The only disadvantage is that to meet the pricing demands, the quality is somewhat inferior to bigger brands. Duraturn also does not have a variety of tires for summer and winter which means customers are only limited to a few options.