What’s The Correct Tire Pressure For My Motorcycle?

What's The Correct Tire Pressure For My Motorcycle

Tire pressure plays a crucial role in improving your motorcycle suspension, but continued neglect of the same causes more damage than the eye can see. Therefore, motorcycle maintenance should focus more on tire pressure to ensure better handling and smooth rides for all types of bikes. When you buy a motorcycle, it comes with tires … Read more

Tubed vs. Tubeless Tires: Pros, Cons, Differences & Which to Choose

If you don’t own a bike, motorcycle, or any other similar vehicle, you must have at least seen one. And as you know, these vehicles use tires, or rather wheels, to move. The tires must be inflated to the required rate for these vehicles to move comfortably. Therefore, this post will look at the two … Read more

What’s The Cost of Fixing Low Tire Pressure?

There are few things more dangerous than driving with low tire pressure. The proper inflation of your tires is critical for your safety particularly if you are traveling long distances or driving on a highway. Fortunately, it simply takes a few minutes of your time and little to no prior understanding of automobiles or mechanics … Read more

Why Does BMW Recommend Higher Tire Pressures For The Rear Tires?

Vehicle performance is influenced in many ways by tire pressure: from steering control, cornering, handling to the general driving experience. Car manufacturers understand the importance of proper tire pressure. Hence, they recommend pre-determined PSI for car tires, including a Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) to keep drivers in check of their tire’s air pressure. BMW … Read more

Should I Deflate my Car Tires in Hot Weather, And Inflate in Cold Weather?

Proper maintenance of your tires not only improves their performance but also their durability. Among the numerous methods and tips for ensuring proper tire care, regular tire pressure checks are the most important, as they involve maintaining optimal tire pressure as recommended by the manufacturer. Sudden temperature changes can cause significant fluctuation in tire pressure. … Read more

When to Check Tire Pressure: Hot or Cold?

Most of us know that having correct tire pressures play a significant role in our driving experience. Both over-inflated and under-inflated tires will affect the cars handling and braking negatively as well as reduce the longevity of the tires. So, make sure your have the recommended PSI’s in your tires when driving! Now, one common … Read more