How to Know if a Motorcycle Wheel is Bent? (And How to Fix it)

How to Know if a Motorcycle Wheel is Bent?

In the wake of the internet era, even the most challenging motorcycle fixes are becoming easier. Unfortunately, the potholes, curbs, and other driving hazards can damage your bike rims, leading to expensive repairs and replacements. Motorcycle wheels can bend under pressure, and you might only notice later when the morning and evening rides become unenjoyable. … Read more

Unbalanced Motorcycle Tires: Symptoms & How to Balance

Unbalanced Motorcycle Tires Symptoms & How to Balance

To most riders, balancing motorcycle tires is always an afterthought when everything else is taken care of. However, ignoring tire balance could affect weight distribution, handling, and safety. To avoid any accidents and damages, make it your habit to check your tires and keep them in great condition frequently. Most riders forget that the subtle … Read more

Motorcycle Wheels Out of Alignment: Symptoms & How to Fix

Motorcycle Wheels Out of Alignment Symptoms & How to Fix

Bike owners regularly maintain their motorcycles to ensure they are in perfect riding condition before the next trip. However, certain motorcycle parts may cause problems before you schedule your next maintenance. For example, a properly running engine with poorly aligned wheels is as problematic as one with engine issues.  Unfortunately, most riders barely notice that … Read more

Do Motorcycle Tires Have Tubes?

Do Motorcycle Tires Have Tubes

Are you looking to change the tires on your motorcycle? Knowing if the tires have tubes in them or not is important as that will change what you need to buy and what you need to do to successfully change the tires. So, are there tubes in motorcycle tires? Tubes are very common in motorcycle … Read more

What’s The Correct Tire Pressure For My Motorcycle?

What's The Correct Tire Pressure For My Motorcycle

Tire pressure plays a crucial role in improving your motorcycle suspension, but continued neglect of the same causes more damage than the eye can see. Therefore, motorcycle maintenance should focus more on tire pressure to ensure better handling and smooth rides for all types of bikes. When you buy a motorcycle, it comes with tires … Read more