Cooper Tires: A Complete Brand Review

Cooper Tires designs and manufactures tires for cars, minivans, trucks, and SUVs. The company also makes performance tires for sports cars, and motorcycle tires through Avon Tyres—its U.K.-based subsidiary. Cooper Tires has grown into one of the top five tire brands in the United States largely due to its reputation as a tire manufacturer that … Read more

Michelin vs. Dunlop Tires: A Detailed Comparison

Michelin vs. Dunlop Tires A Detailed Comparison

Before buying a car, I didn’t think car owners faced such difficulty deciding which tire company to buy from. Reading the reviews helps, but most companies are new in the industry. As such, it becomes hard to trust their quality. On our recent quest for car tires, I came across many brands, but it came … Read more

What’s The Correct Tire Pressure For My Motorcycle?

What's The Correct Tire Pressure For My Motorcycle

Tire pressure plays a crucial role in improving your motorcycle suspension, but continued neglect of the same causes more damage than the eye can see. Therefore, motorcycle maintenance should focus more on tire pressure to ensure better handling and smooth rides for all types of bikes. When you buy a motorcycle, it comes with tires … Read more

Radial vs. Non-Radial Tires: What’s the difference?

Like all other vehicle components, selecting your tires needs the same attention towards getting excellent performance and long life. The right tires will give your car better performance and you will save a lot of money on operation and maintenance. There are two types of tires, radial and non-radial which determine the level of performance … Read more