Advance Tires: A Complete Brand Review

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Advance is a budget brand that produces tires for agricultural and industrial vehicles as well as for trailers, golf and lawn vehicles. Advanced tires are considered one of the most reputable brand in the budget tire segment of the market!

With that said, since they are a budget brand, Advance tires are not built with the same premium materials that other high-end branded tires are. Surprisingly the quality of the tires are still very high.


✔️Fairly cheap
✔️Good mileage ratings
✔️Fast and convenient shipping
✔️Offer tread life warranty
✔️Great customer reviews


❌Not made with premium materials

Tire Variety
Overall Quality
Industry Standing
Customer Reviews

Advance Tires are a line of quality discount agricultural, trailer, industrial, bias (OTR and truck), radial (OTR and truck), golf, and lawn tires.

The Advance Tire brand along with Samson Tires make up the portfolio of brands of North America Commercial Tire Resources, Inc (NACOM)—a company with over 70 years of experience in the tire manufacturing industry.

In this brand review article, you will discover why Advance Brand Tires are one of the most reputable and sought-after tires in the budget tire segment of the market. We will examine the history of NACOM, the different tire models they sell, customer reviews of their products, and why you should consider buying their tires.

Advance Tires Brand History

NACOM produces the Advance brand tires from its base in North Canton, Ohio, United States. Nacom itself is a part of the Guizhou Tyre Co. LTD (GTC) based out of Guiyang, China.

The company was formed in 1958, and with over 3,000 brand specifications and models, it is one of the leading Chinese tire manufacturers and ranks 36th among the top global tire manufacturers. 

GTC produces more than 5.8 million tires annually, and has over 9000 employees around the world working in multiple plants, research centers, and test facilities.

The secret behind the excellent reputation of the company’s products are its Enterprise Technology Center and Green High Performance Tire Engineering and Technological Research Center. Both centers have obtained over 133 authorized patents and developed a variety of new products.

GTC has obtained a range of industry-standard certifications including the:

  • ISO9001 quality management certificate
  • 1SO14001 environmental management certificate
  • American NHTSA DOT certification
  • European E-mark
  • Gulf standard GCC certification
  • EPA Smartway certification
  • CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate

Advance brand tires under Nacom are particularly highly regarded in the farming and industrial sectors. They are the top-rated economical option when you need truck tires that will perform heavy-duty tasks for long periods of time.

Advance Tire Brand Values

The stated mission of Nacom—the manufacturer of Advance Tires is to provide top-quality, defect-free, on-time tires that meet the needs of their customers. Nacom wants to be known as a company that provides DOT compliant products with the highest manufacturing and tolerance standards and with excellent customer service.

In the pursuit of its mission to create value for customers, Nacom assigns dedicated sales representatives to all direct accounts for:

  • Daily communication
  • Order tracking
  • Production status tracking
  • Requests to mix all the products the company produces in one container for delivery in the customer’s location.

Types of Advanced Tires

The Advance Tire brand is available in seven different categories and here is a complete list of them:

Advance Farm Tires

The tires below all feature a tread design that forces mud and dirt out of the tire for consistent traction. They are for use in Farm applications.

Tire NameTire Information
Agri-Trac R-1Designed for use on tractors in agricultural applications with a load range B ply rating.
Agri-Trac R-1+Designed for use on tractors in agricultural applications with a load range D rating.
Farm Harrow Track F-2Designed for use in the front of tractors with a load range D rating.
Farm Harrow Track l-1Designed for use on tractors in low speed applications with load range D rating.
Farm R-1Irrigation tires with a load range G rating
Farm Implement F1Designed for highway use on spreaders, wagons, trailers, and other equipment with a load range F rating.
Farm R-1WDesigned for use on tractors with a load index of 129 (4079 lbs).
Farm R-2 Deep TreadDesigned for wet, muddy applications such as rice and cane farming with a load range F rating.
Farm Rear Tires R-1SDesigned for use on the rear of tractors and built to boost grip and traction on the field.
Front-Harrow-Track F-2Designed for use on the front of tractors with a load range E rating.
LS-2ADesigned for logging applications and built to be puncture resistant. It has a load range F ply rating.
R-1WDesigned for use on tractors, sprayers, harvesters, trailers, implement control, and other farm equipment. It has a load index of 125 (3638 lbs) and it is built to provide high floatation so that the tractor won’t sink on soft surfaces.
R1SDesigned as a tough agricultural tire with a load range C rating.
Road RollerDesigned as a construction tire for road-roller and compactor applications. It has a load range G rating.

Advance Industrial Tires

The tires below are built to withstand heavy usage and damage from off-road debris.

Tire NameTire Information
Advance 2 Stage SolidDesigned for use on forklifts, loaders, and other material handling equipment.
Backhoe Front-Industrial F-3 XHDDesigned for use on industrial applications such as skid steer loaders and mining equipment. It is built to withstand heavy usage and the roughest conditions.
Backhoe Rear-Industrial Plus R-4 XHDDesigned to be versatile and suitable for a wide variety of industrial and construction work.
GLRO7Designed as a heavy-duty industrial tire for use on forklifts and other material handling equipment.
Industrial Grip PlusDesigned as a heavy-duty off-the-road tire for use on a variety of skid-steer equipment.
Industrial Super EXSDesigned as a heavy-duty off-the-road tire for use on a variety of skid-steer equipment.
L5Designed for a variety of industrial applications with a load range L rating.
LB033 PRMDesigned for medium forklift service.
OB-503 (Standard)Designed as a resilient and solid industrial tire built for increased rider comfort and decreased wear and tear.
Premium Skid SteerDesigned as a construction tire for skid-steer or backhoe use with a load range E rating.
Radial Skid SteerDesigned to be a resilient tire for skid-steer use that can hold up under the most severe usage.
Road Grader G-2Designed for heavy-duty construction work and suitable for situations that require traction in all sorts of soil conditions.
Rock Lug E3/L3Designed as an off-the-road construction tire with chip resistant tread compound that reduces cuts and damage.
Skid Steer-Sidewinder Mudder XHDDesigned as an industrial off-the-road tire with durable sidewalls and a rim protector that prevents sidewall damage).
SmoothDesigned as an industrial tire with low rolling resistance and high load capacity.
SSLDesigned for use on skid steers, and built with special tread compounds for resistance to tearing and irregular wear.
TractionDesigned with a square tread profile to ensure stability. It has high load capacity and it is puncture-proof.

Advance Light Truck Tires

The tires below are designed to be strong enough to support a truck’s heavier weight and whatever is being towed by the truck. The tires are for use on light trucks and SUVs like Ford F-150, Ram 1500, Chevrolet Silverado, and others.

Tire NameTire Information
GL-285TDesigned for trailer wheel positions and built with robust treads that ensure minimal rolling resistance and superb grip.
Premium Highway LTDesigned with two wide grooves within the tread that remove water from the tire for better handling performance in wet weather.
Tracker Plus XL R676Designed for use on the steer and trailer axle of medium duty trucks and buses.

Advance OTR Tires

The off-the-road (OTR) tires below are built to be incredibly tough and able to carry massive loads on soft or rough surfaces without sinking in. The tires are for use on vehicles like cranes, construction dump trucks, skid steer loaders, and other heavy-duty construction and industrial vehicles. 

Tire NameTire Information
E-3 Rock CrusherDesigned as a tough bias ply tire for earthmover service.
E-3/L-3 Rock CrusherDesigned as an OTR tire and built with a special tread compound to reduce punctures and cuts. It has a strong carcass structure for handling the heaviest loads.
GLR08Design for use on earthmovers and loaders, and it hazard a load index of 193 (25,353 lbs).
Heavy Duty L4ADesigned for use on skid steer equipment.
L-2 Rock CrusherDesigned for tough earthmoving and construction applications. It is 20 ply rated and built for great traction on soft ground.
L5Designed with a wide footprint for stability and a reinforced sidewall for load capacity. Its tough carcass makes it suitable for a variety of industrial applications.
LS-2 ForestryDesigned for logging service and built with thick tread bars for better protection against cuts, stags, and tears.
Non-Skid R-3Designed for excellent traction and strong resistance to cuts and tears.
Radial OTR GL982Designed with superb self-cleaning properties and built to provide excellent traction and floatation.
Road Grader G-2Designed with tread-cleaning properties and resistance to cuts and impact damage.
Skid SteerDesigned for use in demolition, auto junkyards, recycling facilities, and any industrial application where it will be subject to severe use. It is built with a reinforced sidewall to protect it from accidental damage.

Advance Trailer Tires

The tires below are built to withstand long miles of in-line hauling and are intended for trailer axles only. 

Tire NameTire Information
RB453 HighwayDesigned for use on trailers and mobile homes. It is built for improved durability and long tire life.
Trailer Express HDDesigned for use in local and regional applications. It is built with zigzag grooves that make it resistant to hydroplaning.

Advance Lawn and Garden Tires

The tires below are built to offer strong traction without compacting the grass. They are for use on commercial movers, wagons, and utility trailers.

Tire NameTire Information
TF919Designed with a wide footprint to improve traction and floatation properties that disperse equipment load to minimize grass compaction. It has a tubeless design and bias ply construction.

Advance Golf Tires

The tires below are designed to provide smooth performance and traction without damaging delicate grass turf.

Tire NameTire Information
GF929Designed to improve steering response and for easy handling to provide a comfortable ride for golf cart owners. Its floatation properties spread the vehicle weight to protect the delicate grass from damage.

Average Cost of Advance Tires

As stated earlier, Advance tires is a budget brand, so prices are fairly inexpensive compared to other brands who make tires for these types of vehicles. Advance tires cost anywhere from $35 to $5,575 per tire, depending on the size and the vehicle type the tire is made for. Source

Here’s a list of the average Advance tire cost categorized by farm, industrial, light truck, OTR, trailer, lawn and garden, and golf tires:

Type of tireAverage price per tire
Farm tires$43-1,424
Industrial tires$108-809
Light truck tires$86-266
OTR tires$188-5,575
Trailer tires$99-$101
Lawn & garden tires$35-52
Golf tires$47
Source: SimpleTire

If you’re interested in checking out more Advance Tire models, their specs and reviews, you can do so over at SimpleTire here.

Advance Tires Customer Reviews

Most of the readily available information about branded tires usually comes from the manufacturers themselves, and the only way to evaluate the veracity of such information is to listen to the real-life experiences of customers that have bought and used those tires.

Here at Whirling Wheelz, our goal is to make your decision-making process as easy as possible, and we decided to scour the web for reviews and comments from customers that have bought and used Advance brand tires.

Our search only turned up overwhelmingly positive reviews. We checked sites like Amazon,, and more, and all we saw were happy customers delighted they purchased good tires at a minimal cost.

Here are some customer reviews:

S. Wedding on bought Farm Harrow Track l-1 tires:

“These tires have very good quality for a very reasonable price”

Clifton Petterson on bought Rock Lug E3/L3 tires:

“Needed something with lots of rubber that will not be easily punctured to use in a salvage/recycling facility. So far so good. ”

Bikeridertom on Amazon bought Trailer Express HD tires:

“No place locally could beat the price. Very heavy-duty tire. Holding up quite nice so far”

Do Nacom Offer Warranties for the Advance Tire Brand?

Yes, Nacom offers tread life warranty coverage for the different types of tires under the Advance brand. The warranty statement for each type of Advance brand tire is on the company’s website.

Access to warranty coverage is very important because tires are a wear item and are built to only maintain peak performance for a specific period of time. The warranty coverage protects you when a tire fails sooner than expected. The warranty will compel the manufacturer to reimburse you for some or all of the cost of purchasing a replacement tire.

The two types of tire warranty are tread life warranty and road hazard warranty. A tread warranty protects you when a tire fails to reach its mileage rating before wearing out. Most tires from the major tire manufacturers including Advance tires come with factory rating for tread life measured in thousands of miles.

Often, the provision is that the tire manufacturer will recompense you for the difference. For example, if you buy a $80 tire rated for 50,000 miles, but it wears out after only 25,000 miles, then you will get $40 back from the tire manufacturer.

Also, this coverage is only applicable where the wear and tear is not due to causes and conditions beyond the control of the manufacturer like failure to keep your car in alignment, failure to follow your car’s maintenance guidelines for tire rotation intervals, or improper inflation pressure.

The other type of tire warranty—road hazard warranty covers any tire damage sustained from events such as hitting potholes or debris on the road while driving. This type of coverage is rarely offered by tire manufacturers, although Bridgestone and Continental offer road hazard warranties on some of their products.

Nacom also offers a general limited warranty that all of its tires are free of defects in materials and workmanship, and if examination should show that its tire has failed the limited warranty, the company will reimburse the customer for the purchase of a replacement tire at current market prices. 

Final Thoughts on Advance Tires

We give Advance brand tires a 4.5 out 5 stars rating because they are discount tires that come with solid mileage ratings and are built to comply with industry standards for durability and performance. 

However, while Advance Tires are much safer and more reliable than several other budget tires for industrial and agricultural use, they still can not perform as well as the more expensive high-performance tires. 

High-performance tires are expensive because they are built with premium materials using expensive engineering techniques. Buying an Advance brand tire will get you a great deal on a great tire, but if you want the very best, you will have to pay much more for it.