6 Reasons Why Walmart Tires Are Cheap

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Have you ever wondered why tires from Walmart are so cheap? This can be an important question if you are in the market for new tires and want to do some price comparison shopping before you buy.

The main reason why Walmart tires are so cheap is that the company has access to unique discounts with their suppliers and manufacturers that you won’t get as a consumer buying directly from the manufacturer yourself.

While tires sold at Walmart will save you a buck, a lot of people are sceptical. Over the years, the price of tires found at Walmart has left people asking if the cheap price comes in compromise of quality.

Regardless, Walmart tires are still gaining popularity. And on that note, here are six reasons why Walmart tires are so cheap, or at least cheaper than other companies’ similar products.

1. Bigger Wholesale Orders Leads to Lower Prices For Walmart Customers

Tire pricing depends heavily on brand, with more expensive brands like Michelin and Goodrich fetching a premium over affordable options like Cooper and Dunlop.

Walmart offer many top brands at lower prices than you’ll find anywhere else. How can they do that? Thanks to the high volume of sales, they can negotiate better wholesale rates—which means lower costs for them. They then pass these savings onto customers by charging less for their products overall.

Plus, most items come with free shipping if you order online or pick them up from your local store. Now that’s what we call a winning strategy.

2. They Offer Free Mounting And Balancing

Unlike some other tire shops, when you purchase tires from a Walmart Auto Center, they’ll also mount and balance them for free.

As opposed to taking your new tires to another store, that could mean savings of up to $50 or more on each set of tires. That’s a big deal. Sure, it might not seem like much when you buy only one or two sets of tires at a time, but what if you were buying 10 or 15 sets?

You can save hundreds by buying your wheels and tires at a local Walmart Tire Center.

3. They Offer Tire Package Specials

Buying a car isn’t cheap. And, when you find yourself in need of new tires for your vehicle, it can get even more expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to save money on car tires. One popular option is to purchase a tire package from a service center like Walmart.

However, many people are apprehensive about tire packages due to misconceptions and confusion about how they work and what they offer in terms of price and quality. To help clear up these misconceptions, here’s why you should consider purchasing a tire package from your local Walmart service center.

  • Tire Packages are Cheaper than Purchasing Individual Tires: Tire packages provide buyers with much better value than purchasing individual tires one at a time. If you have four tires on your vehicle, don’t buy them individually; buy a tire package.
  • The Quality is Comparable to Other Brands: Many people erroneously believe that buying their tires through Walmart results in lower-quality products than if they had purchased the same brand elsewhere. This isn’t true, Walmart is simply a retailer that sells the same tire brands as other retailers.
  • Tire Packages Come with Free Installation: When you choose to purchase tires from a big box store, they typically come mounted on wheels already – meaning installation is free.
  • It’s Convenient: Tire packages come as sets pre-mounted onto wheels that fit exactly into place – saving you precious time during installation and preventing you from having issues later down the road.
  • They Are Versatile: Those seeking an all-season or snow tire for winter driving will be happy to know that Walmart offers several brands which would qualify.
  • It Comes with Free Road Hazard Protection: If your new set of wheels has some flats or other issues within two years of your initial installation, bring it back and let our trained professionals fix them for free.

4. You Can Use Coupons at Walmart

Everyone knows about coupons. Sometimes, you can use them to get major discounts on a new set of tires. Other times, you can use them to find discounted deals on used tires. Either way, be sure to keep an eye out for promotions and sales—they could save you up to 50% on your next set of tires.

If money is tight, look into getting a new set through your insurance company. They may cover 100% of replacement costs if you’re involved in an accident. Otherwise, head over to your local Walmart for great prices.

You can also use their online tire selection program; it provides ratings and reviews from real customers, which means expert opinions at no extra cost. Plus, you can always call or stop by for some friendly advice.

Remember, when looking for cheap tires, think outside of the box. You may not necessarily have to go to Walmart every time, but don’t rule out big-box retailers as one of your options either. There are plenty of places with high-quality tires at unbeatable prices – such as Sam’s Club or Costco.

5. They Offer Fast And Free Shipping

One of the greatest perks to buying your tires from a big-box retailer like Walmart is that you can take advantage of free shipping. Once you’ve bought your tires, Walmart will ship them for free to your home address.

If you live within 10 miles of a store, it may be more convenient to buy in person, but if not—or if you want those four new tires right away—Walmart will make sure they get to you as quickly as possible.

Ordering online is simple and intuitive; all you have to do is choose which tire size and brand (along with other products, like rims), check out, and wait for them to arrive at your doorstep. You don’t even need to bring anything back! Just replace your old tires as soon as you receive them.

6. They Have Constant Discounted Prices

If you’re used to purchasing car parts from a local auto parts store, you may have gotten used to discounted prices on certain items. For example, certain tires might cost you $80 or more if purchased at a specialty store, but only $70 or less if purchased at Walmart.

In fact, most tire retailers offer very similar products as well as services; but when it comes down to it, purchasing your tires at Walmart can end up saving you hundreds of dollars in a single transaction. It’s all because they buy in bulk, and therefore they can offer discounts.

Specialty auto stores purchase smaller quantities from their distributors and cannot get discounts like a giant such as Walmart can. And once they pass these savings onto you, there’s no better deal than that!

As explained earlier, the real benefit that Walmart takes advantage of, is buying large quantities of tires (and other auto parts) directly from a wholesale distributor. Whn Walmart buy larger amounts than anyone else, they can then ask for better prices from their manufacturers/distributors and ultimately pass those savings on to you by offering discounts.

Is It Worth it to Buy Tires From Walmart?

It’s definitely worth buying tires from Walmart. As discussed earlier, because Walmart can buy in bulk, you will be able to get high quality branded tires from manufacturers such as Michelin and Pirelli for a better price than elsewhere.

With that said, Walmart also sell a lot of lesser known brands, even private labeled brands where they get their tires pre-manufactured, likely from less reputable and unknown manufacturers, and then slap their own brand on the tires.

They will then be able to sell these privately labeled tires for very low prices. The risk of buying these tires is that the quality may not be the best. Often times there haven’t been the same level of testing done with these tires compared to tires that come from reputable brands.

If saving money is your only priority when purchasing new tires, then the cheaper Walmart brand tires might be a good option for you, but it’s worth doing some research into what brands and types that will best fit your needs before purchasing them.

Before making any purchase, it’s important to know as much as possible about the brand quality as well as what type of tire will work best for your car and driving style.

There are plenty of places to find information about different kinds and qualities of tires online, including reviews from previous customers who’ve purchased them and comparisons between similar products available at multiple retailers.

Also, consider where these sources get their information; a biased source like an auto parts store isn’t likely to give an unbiased review since they want you to buy their brand instead!

5 Common Pitfall To Avoid When Buying Tires From Walmart

Buying tires from Walmart can be a smart and economical choice if you avoid some common mistakes. Check out this list of five things to keep in mind before your next trip to your local Walmart tire department.

1. Not reading the specs

If you’re looking for something with a lot of treads or a great brand name, how do you know that you’re getting what you want? To make sure you’re making a well-informed decision, look into exactly what your tires are made of and if they’ve been safety tested.

Some brands include these details on their packaging to make it easier for consumers to find out more information before buying them. If not, get online and start researching! Understanding what kind of tire is best for your vehicle will help save money in maintenance costs in the long run.

2. Getting hasty

The purchasing process at many discount stores is a frenzied affair, which is great if you’re trying to fill your cart with as much as possible for as little money as possible but can be extremely unhelpful if you’re trying to make an informed decision.

Don’t get stressed out: Take your time, read all of the labels, and don’t fall into any deals that seem too good to be true. Often times they are!

3. Being uneducated on your vehicle

Being knowledgeable about your vehicle is key to being an informed shopper. So, before you head out to buy tires from your local Walmart, know exactly what kind of tires are already on your car and look up their tread ratings.

In other words, find out how many miles you can drive before you run over something that might cause damage. And pay attention: If a salesperson tries to sell you new tires at a steep discount because your old ones only have 25% treads left, don’t believe it. It’s just not true.

Finally, remembe: Discounts aren’t always deals, certainly not if you get poor quality tires that will only last you a year at most.

4. Only considering price

Some people assume that because they’re buying tires at a discount store, their tires aren’t high quality. This couldn’t be further from reality; all major tire brands (Michelin, Goodyear, and so on) have their products available at big-box stores.

To find your best deal on new tires, check with tire dealers in your area. If you don’t know any to contact, call around and ask who has discounts or coupons for customers who buy multiple tires. Remember: It’s not just about price — it’s about quality too!

5. Choosing style over safety

Choose a safe tire, not just a stylish one. While you may want to go with that appealing-looking low profile, it could make your vehicle less stable. The most basic rule is to avoid tires with less than a 40 percent aspect ratio.

This number can be found on each tire’s sidewall; they will look like 40, 60, or 70. The higher number refers to how tall and how wide your tires are compared to their length (aspect ratio). Think about going up in size if your tires are too low for your car; otherwise, you could have handling issues at high speeds or when braking.


While buying a tire from a store like Walmart is appealing in terms of cost, remember that you get what you pay for. Sure, when buying well-known brands, you know what you get, which means that even if they’re cheaper on Walmart than elsewhere you will get the same quality.

But, if you’re looking for budget brands, especially those that aren’t well-known, be prepared that you may need to replace these tires sooner as they might wear down faster or perform worse overall compared to well-known brands.

If you’re on a budget, we recommend checking out reviews of cheap tires online before purchasing; it could save you money in the long run. Remember, quality isn’t always about price. Buying cheaper tires may wind up costing you more later on.

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