Aeolus Tires: A Complete Brand Review

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Aeolus Tires has experience in building OTR tires which makes them a reliable company for a variety of tires. Their vast presence in the European bus and truck tire market ranks them as one of the top Chinese tire companies supplying products worldwide. The tires are also well-priced, and customers get value for their money for every purchase.

Even though the tire quality and lifespan is still a matter of discussion, the tires are magnificent with great tread patterns. They are a good option for individuals who need an affordable alternative to expensive brands like Michelin and Pirelli.


✔️Great warranty
✔️Great gas mileage
✔️Excellent tread patterns
✔️Advanced manufacturing technology


❌Tires wear out fairly fast
❌Focuses on heavy-duty tires

Tire Variety
Overall Quality
Industry Standing
Customer Reviews

Aeolus is one of the leading tire brands, giving other brands a run for their money across various markets. The company has made a name for itself in the tire industry with its fairly-priced tires in over 150 countries.

Whether you want to buy tires for your SUV, truck or tractor, look no further than Aeolus tires. Being among the leading brands selling in the European and US market, Aeolus joins other brands in promoting green manufacturing.

Today, we will be taking a deeper look into Aeolus tires. You will get to learn all the details about the company’s inception, development, and success.

We will also dive deeper into the company catalog, the best tires, customer reviews, ratings, and market reach.

By the time you are done reading, you will understand why Aeolus remains among the best tire manufacturers globally.

Aeolus Tires History

Aeolus was launched in 1965 under the name Henan Tyre Factory. When it began its operations, it was a factory that primarily manufactured OTR tires.

The Chinese company has over the years progressed to become one of the tire industry giants, competing against big brands like Michelin, BF Goodrich, and Continental. With over 50 years of experience, they have mastered the art of building tires for commercial and earth-moving vehicles globally.

The company was listed on the Shanghai stock exchange in 2003, which marked the beginning of the company’s global takeover. This has seen the company collaborate with hundreds of distributors in the US, Canada, Mexico, and parts of Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Australia.

Aeolus further strengthened its market position by signing a Know-How License and Technical Assistance Agreement with Pirelli. This pact gave Aeolus the much-needed leverage to produce products that follow quality standards with increased performance as the market requires.

Even though the company is popular for its OTR, truck, and agriculture tires, there is more to see from their factory. You can buy passenger car tires, all-season tires, snow tires, ultra-high performance tires, among others as well.

Aeolus Tire Brand Values

Aeolus Tires is committed to implementing business policies that promote true revolution in industry practices. Inventiveness, creativity, and collaboration are crucial components in the company’s business model and, above all, being passionate about their work. Take a look at the company’s values.

  • Transparency and collaboration
  • Dedication and commitment
  • Equality and fairness
  • Innovation and competence
  • Focus on results and efficiency
  • Environmental and social responsibility

Being a leading tire manufacturing and distributing company, Aeolus has values that display its development for the greater good. They are transparent in their operations and are open to collaborating with other leading brands to share ideas and processes to improve quality standards.

Their values are straightforward and capture the company’s dedication to ensure safety to customers and the environment in general.

Types of Tires Offered by Aeolus

  • Passenger car tires
  • Truck and bus tires
  • Commercial vehicle tires
  • High-performance tires
  • Construction machinery tires
  • Mining vehicle tires
  • Industrial tires
  • SUV and 4X4 off-road tires

Aeolus NEO series

Aeolus Tires is well-known for building bus and tire trucks, providing a roadmap for taking over the European market. The NEO series is a popular brand for trucks sold in hundreds of countries, following strict quality standards.

The NEO series follows the latest technological developments in compliance with European users’ strict preferences and needs. The company achieved this by implementing the SATT casing structure and improved rubber compounds. This new technology improves mileage by almost 25%.

Aeolus Tires’ partnership with Pirelli has been fundamental in developing these truck wheels, which have become a great boost for the market.

Most Popular NEO Truck Tires


The NEO ALLROADS S is a skillfully built truck tire, suitable for high loads for all trailer axles.

The extra-wide and deep tread pattern ensures the longevity of the tires even after traveling for thousands of kilometers.

The intelligent 4 Z-shaped longitudinal patterns improved braking and safe driving, appropriate for European roads.

Aeolus NEO ALLROADS S has better handling for dry and wet road conditions, meaning you will not have to change your tires for summer and winter.

Even when driving on dry roads, the rubber mix provides better heat control, keeping the tires cool.

You can learn more about the NEO ALLROADS S tires by pressing the button below


The NEO FUEL D is suitable for long-distance travel because it is a drive axle tire.

The wide pattern improves the mileage and performance, which improves traction in all driving conditions.

It has the same longitudinal groove and block pattern as in the NEO ALLROADS S. These contribute to a sustainable fuel economy with an anti-wear layer that improves the lifespan.

The two tread layers provide low-fuel consumption, combined with a multi-layer structure that makes a super-strong casing.

You can learn more about the NEO FUEL D tires by pressing the button below

If you’re interested in checking out more Aeolus tire models, their specs and reviews, you can do so here.

Cost of Aeolus Tires

Aeolus Tires has done its best to regulate its product prices to meet the market demands. All Aeolus dealers across all the 140 countries sell some of the most-affordable tires globally, which has seen the company rank among the top 10 Chinese tire manufacturers.

Aeolus tires for passenger cars, SUVs, and crossovers start from $80, depending on the vehicle and tire size. The truck, agriculture, and OTR tires are highly-priced and compete against other brands like Bridgestone and Pirelli.

Aeolus Tires Reviews

Positive experiences with Aeolus Tires

I am an avid car lover, and car tyres are something that always excite me. Last year when I had to change the tyres for my car, one of my friends suggested me for Aeolus tyres. Initially, I was a bit skeptical as it was a new brand, but eventually I thought to give it a chance.

And trust me, it’s been a roller coaster ride for me since then. Now I go to long drives without any fear of tyre wear. Also it has a superb grip, which is really helping me out in this monsoon season.

I think Aeolus tyres are something worth trying for.

Ramanrastogi90 – mouthshut

Negative experiences with Aeolus Tires

I had very bad luck with this tire. Sidewall split and ruin the tire within a month of natural tire usage. I was very proud that simple tire they gave me a full refund. I will definitely buy tire again from simple tires just not this brand.

If there was a 0 * available I would rate these tires at 0. I bought one of these tires to try out on my low bed trailer and within a month the sidewall split. I’m now at the tire shop replacing my one-month-old tire not happy at all this tires is a piece of junk stay away.

Ryan – simpletire

Does Aeolus Tires Offer Warranties?

Aeolus aims at providing exceptional customer service, and one way to do this is by providing a 100% 2-year warranty for all tire purchases. The warranty is limited to workmanship and material defects for goods returned within 12 months of purchase.

The warranty claim will only be successful if 50% of tread is left on the tire, or the tire cannot be repaired in case of a puncture, cut, or snug.

Final thoughts on Aeolus Tires

We can rate Aeolus tires at 4.0 out of 5 for having the most reliable products for various vehicles. The tires have been rated to improve gas mileage, especially for small sedan cars, SUVs, and crossovers.

The fact that the company leads the rest in green manufacturing means that Aeolus Tires is on the right path towards sustainable global manufacturing. Regardless of some negative reviews, the positive ones still mean a great deal for buyers who want quality tires while on a budget.

The only recurring issue that does not sit well with most car owners is how Aeolus tires tend to wear down faster than other brands. Even though they are affordable, many people still have to replace the wheels after less than 4 years of use.