Triangle Tires: A Complete Brand Review

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Triangle Tires is one of the many foreign tire companies with factories in the United States, meaning it is a valuable partner for many. The company has improved its research and development to include numerous technological advancement approaches for building high-quality tires.

These tires are guaranteed to meet modern market standards. Buyers, therefore, get value for money for every tire they buy.

While the tires seem to be quite aggressive in performance, some users suggest they are not suitable for wet road conditions. They also tend to be noisy, especially when driven frequently on the highway.


✔️4-year warranty
✔️Large variety of tires
✔️Fairly durable for the price
✔️Over 360 patents to signify quality


❌Unpopular brand
❌Longevity is still a concern

Tire Variety
Overall Quality
Industry Standing
Customer Reviews

Unlike other Chinese tire brands that rely on distributors to move their products, Triangle Tires has set a permanent base in the United States. The company has a research and development center with two operational manufacturing plants.

Triangle Tires products are among the fairly-priced in terms of automobile accessories. You can expect to buy all types of tires from passenger cars, crossovers, SUVs, buses and trucks, and heavy machinery.

This is a complete breakdown of Triangle Tires and their operations. We provide you with first-hand details about Triangle Tires’, how the company built itself from the ground to supplying products in over 170 countries.

Triangle Tires History

Triangle tires is a reliable Chinese tire manufacturing company founded in 1976 in Wei Hai City, Shandong, China. Triangle Tires is famous for building off-road and Truck and Bus tires, which have proven to be their strength. Nonetheless, they have grown their passenger car tire lineup which now constitutes around ¾ of production.

The company was ranked the “Chinese Famous Brand” in 2000 by the Chinese Government. Today, Triangle provides OEM tires for over 40 auto manufacturers globally.

Triangle Tires is among the leading Chinese companies trying to capture the American market. In 2011, Triangle launched its first Technical Center in Akron, Ohio, announcing its entry into the United States.

Triangle Tires Overview

Triangle Tires sells its products in more than 170 countries, including USA and Canada. They have also partnered with other more prominent tire brands worldwide to improve their quality standards and reliability. The company produces over 14 million tires yearly, and around 10 million of these are for passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks.

Triangle Tires factories oversee the production of more than 900 types of radial tires in over 160 sizes. It also produces approximately 400 categories of bias tires sold in 100 sizes. The radial tires have proven to be the company’s backbone because it makes many of these for cars, trucks, and OTR tires for construction, industrial, and mining equipment.

The company has expanded its US base with a new $580 million factory in North Carolina to manufacture tires for the rapidly growing market. This means the company now has two research and development centers—in China and the United States.

Things to Consider When Buying Triangle Tires

When buying triangles tires, you have to consider a lot more than just having new wheels on your car. You should first know your vehicle’s size, load rating, speed rating, and tire type. All this information is on the tire manual or the side of your tires.

Carmakers select their desired tires based on these metrics because they align with the vehicle’s speed, size, and purpose during the sale.

Every customer must check this information on the tire to crosscheck with the auto products from Triangle Tires. They have a variety of tires, and you will most likely find what fits your car specifications.

The company has different tire types, so you have to specify your requirements. You can choose between radial, all-terrain, all-season, and performance, soft or hard compound tires.

If all your tire specifications match the products being sold by triangle tires, it is worth considering.

Notable Features of Triangle Tires


Triangle Tires is the leading tire company in China, and the 46 years of experience show that they have mastered the art of building tires. Their tires are top of the line, ranking high up the ladder with more prominent brands like BF Goodrich, Firestone, and Goodyear, among others.

The tires are less expensive and have better handling, which has boosted the company’s reach. The tread designs are well crafted for optimum performance. All these can be attributed to the quality of rubber and the compound used to make them.

While most users have their doubts when picking tires for wet performance, many dry performance users have appreciated its reliability.


When used appropriately, triangle tires can last longer than expected. Considering it is a brand aiming at affordability, its tires do not last longer than you would expect of expensive brands. This means that the return on investment on the tires is pretty substantial.

Soft compound and Radial tires wear out more quickly than most brands. You can expect the same for Triangle Tires, primarily if you use them for other unintended purposes. If you take them for off-road driving, stunt performances, and overuse, they will surely wear down further.

The threads are very supportive and maintain the performance and durability of the tires. Most triangle tires products are well-protected on the sidewall, so any minor scraping or sharp objects might not ruin the tires.

Expected Treadwear

Triangle Tires have been applauded for their reasonably significant treadwear, which has proven to be long-lasting. They use a split layer compound across various tire models to reduce rolling resistance for a considerable amount of time while improving tire longevity.

Considering the price tag on the tires, the treadwear is magical compared to other brands offering tires at the same price range. You also get a four-year warranty for any factory defects and throughout the tire usage until only 2/32 threads are left on the tire.

Triangle Tires Industry Ratings

All tires being distributed in the USA market must follow the Uniform Tire Quality Grading System. This system was created by the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), and it rates tires by their treadwear, temperature resistance, and traction.

Below is a breakdown of the tire ratings

Treadwear – This grade calculates the expected use time for your tires. The tires are weighed against a control tire at ratings of 100. This means that a tire with a 400 treadwear rating will last four times longer than the control tire. Smaller cars work best with tires rated from 300-500.

Traction – The traction grade tests the tires’ ability to grip wet roads properly. The grades rate from AA, A, B, and C. AA ratings are the best for heavy cars, A for daily driven vehicles, and C is the lowest rating.

Temperature resistance – The tire’s designs and rotations should withstand high pressure and perform better at higher speeds. The temperature grade rates tires from A, B, and C. These ratings indicate specific speeds where car tires can achieve optimum performance.

Here are some tire ratings for Triangle Tires on the NHTSA rating scheme.

Tire ModelTire TypeTreadwearTractionTemperature
Triangle TALON GLS TR928 82HSummer passenger400AA
Triangle TALON TR918 98HAll-season passenger400AA
Triangle TALON GLS TR928 94HAll-season high performance400AA
Triangle TALON GLS TR928 86HAll-season performance400AA
Triangle TALON TR918 88HAll-season sport400AA

Best Triangle Tires

Below are some of the top products from the Triangle Tire catalog.

Best SUV and Crossover Triangle Tire

Triangle Advantex TR259

The Advantrex TR259 is one of the most-selling Triangle Tires products, considering it is an all-season tire for crossovers and SUVs.

The TR259 is available in various sizes from 16 – 19 inches. The cross-sections widths are available from 215 to 265, where the 259 perfectly suits the SUVs.

The design is close to being symmetrical, suitable for crossovers that are continually being driven on paved roads.

These features translate to a quiet ride and enhanced fuel economy. The tires are also meaty, which is why you should consider getting one of these for your vehicle.

You can learn more about the Triangle Advantex TR259 tires by pressing the button below

Best Passenger Car Triangle Tire

Triangle Advantex TC101

The Advantex TC101 from Triangle is among the best tires for passenger cars.

It is an agile, value-oriented tire model, making it an all-season performance tire for smaller cars and hatchbacks. The tires are available from 15 to 17 inches.

These tires can fit on modern subcompact cars that need wheels larger than 17 inches.

They are also narrow, with the 185-series representing smaller diameters. Narrower tires make the cars fun to drive at optimum highway-safe speeds.

You can learn more about the Triangle Advantex TC101 tires by pressing the button below

Best Truck and Bus Triangle Tire

Triangle TRS02

The TRS02 is a premium all-position radial tire for buses and trucks. The tire is budget-friendly for regional and urban commutes.

Its service life and tensile stress are excellent, accompanied by improved rotation abilities. The multiple tread coatings on the case ensure the longevity and durability of the tire.

The Triangle TRS02 is designed for operators who expect more performance at reduced costs. It has an extra split-layer composite which the company believes improves service life while reducing rolling resistance.

The rippling tread is suitable for cornering and general vehicle handling. It is available in 10 sizes from 265/70R19.5 to 11R24.5 with ply ratings from 14 to 20.

You can learn more about the Triangle TRS02 tires by pressing the button below

Best Performance Triangle Tire

Triangle AgileX TR292

The Triangle AgileX is among the most affordable performance tires for sport utility wheels.

The tires have a block-like tread pattern that aims at ultimate performance for on- and off-road driving. The deeper shoulder slots provide better water dispersion, keeping the treads unclogged.

This is a crucial selling point for wet road conditions and slippery corners. It is also available in different sizes.

The widest of them all is the 16-inch tire, with other options for 15, 17, and 20 inches for various vehicles.

You can learn more about the Triangle AgileX TR292 tires by pressing the button below

Triangle Tires Cost

Triangle Tires rank among the cost-friendly tire options for all seasons and performance. The tires cost from around $79 to $500 depending on the size and type of car tire you want to buy. Most performance and all-season tires are designed for passenger cars, crossovers, and SUVs and may cost less than $150.

While the pricing has raised concerns over the quality of these tires, many users have applauded the brands and the quality standards. Since the company expanded its USA market, it has improved its manufacturing processes to ensure the tires meet the market needs.

You get value for money for every product you buy, including trucks and buses.

Triangle Tires Warranty and Return Periods

Like all other tire manufacturers, Triangle Tires guarantees customers 100% satisfaction with a 4-year warranty from the date of manufacture. Any tire free of defects from material or workmanship is replaceable within 12 months of purchase.

There is also a 60-day return period for buyers who are not 100% satisfied with the tires. Buyers will get a store credit refund for future purposes at a 10% minimum restocking fee.

Triangle Tires’ 2-year road hazard warranty protects buyers against severe damages resulting from punctures, cuts, snags, bruises, or impact breaks. The company will offer a 100% free replacement within 12 months of ownership. To qualify, the tire must be within 75% of original treadwear.

Take a look at Triangle Tires warranties for the different vehicle categories.

Who Should Buy Triangle Tires?

Triangle Tires products are designed for people who want performance on a budget. Some of the high-performance radial tires from Triangle are excellent, considering the level of grip, performance, and functionality. Buyers get more than what the actual price could get them from other brands.

Most tire brands that sell performance tires for sports cars set a higher price, and many people can barely afford them. On the other hand, Triangle tires offer these tires at a favorable price for beginners or car enthusiasts who expect more tire performance without spending their entire savings.

Therefore, these tires are fit for people who want economical tires that are durable for city commutes.

Triangle Tires Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are essential for driving product sales, and several manufacturers look forward to good reviews. These reviews help the company learn about its strengths and weaknesses and develop a path to improve its quality standards.

Customers always look at durability, reliability, and excellent tread life when buying new tires. You will find a portion of customers who enjoy the service life—like you will find users who did not like any bit of the tires.

Here are some positive and negative reviews from customers;

Positive Experiences With Triangle Tires

I know many people don’t rate them, but I found them an excellent choice on the front of my Toyota 1996 MR2. Being mid-engine, they suit the light front end of my car and have the bonus of having a built-in rim protector that most budget tires don’t have.

Unfortunate I now need a replacement due to a puncture rather than wear (4.5mm left after 10k)

Via Tyrereviews

Super cheap tire but don’t let it stop you from buying it. It does very well for what it is. I have had 3 sets of these on a 2006 Audi s4 and now on my 2016 Audi s3. They get noisy after about 15k and would recommend changing them out after 20k. For the price you can get 2 1/2 sets compared to a brand name tire. Performance is good for track days, and honestly, I would rather burn up a new set of these and buy a backup than use a used set of conti and then have to replace them. Get them. Not much to lose for trying.

Negative Experiences With Triangle Tires

Horrendous tires. In the wet they are just purely dangerous, huge amounts of understeer, very poor stopping distances and a feeling of complete lack of control. In the dry, when pushed even slightly they squeal, grip, and again is poor. These tires came fitted to a used car, and though nearly new, I was quick to get rid of them in favor of Falken FK510’s.

Via Tyrereviews

I bought a used XFS low mileage etc. drove home 100miles in the dry with a droning noise thought it maybe a wheel bearing when I got home checked tires. Triangle – never heard of them. Day later it was raining (UK normal) 1st roundabout I get to suddenly I’m sideways only fast reactions saved the day. Just ordered a new set of Goodyear f1 Eagles anyone want a set of nearly new Triangles free. Oh sorry, I’ve thrown them away. At least I’ve saved someone’s life.

Final Thoughts on Triangle Tires

Triangle Tires is a great performer and deserves 4.2 stars out of 5. Their extensive catalog provides tires for different vehicles in over 170 countries globally. The tires are built with precision and extra tread layers to last longer. Despite negative reviews, this brand is worth considering when looking for less-expensive all-season, performance, winter, or summer tires.

The only issue with these tires is that they are pretty unpopular despite having factories in the United States. The tread patterns also fail during winter, which puts off buyers looking for winter wheels. Other than that, they are an overall good brand to consider.