How Much Does a Tire Weigh? 17 Different Types Included

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Have you ever tried to lift a tire? If yes, you must have realized that tires are quite heavy. Thus, how much does a tire weigh? This guide has the answer.

The weight of a tire mostly depends on its type and size. Large truck tires can weigh approximately 30 to 80 pounds, while smaller car tires would weigh about 20 to 22 pounds. However, the tire quality, material used in the construction, and application will significantly determine its weight.

This guide will look at several factors that will affect a tire’s weight. We will also take you through the average weight of common tires available in the market.

Let’s get to it.

Factors Influencing The Weight of a Tire

1. Tire Type

The type of tire will significantly affect its general weight. The large tire size will naturally weigh more than the compact passenger tire.

It is not a big task to notice how tires stack up by weight compared to each other. Normally, the smaller the tire, the less the weight.

2. Tire Size

The most significant factor that influences the tire weight is the size. There are several facets of the tire size. To start with, you must consider the diameter of your tire. The diameter will affect the volume, which affects the weight. It also indicates how much material should be used, which makes the tire heavier.

You should also compare the tire width. It is scientifically proven that wider tires use more material and hold more pressure, resulting in higher weight.

3. Application

A normal tire comes with different components such as the tire tread, the casing, and the belt system. Since most of the materials used are the same in most manufacturing plants, there are some minor differences according to the type and use of the tire.

For instance, the mud or all-terrain tire comes with chunky tread blocks compared with a regular passenger tire. Though these two tires could be the same size, the passenger tire will be lighter than the all-terrain tire.

Also, a premium tire could weigh more than all. It comes with additional layers of rubber than a pocket-friendly tire. Likewise, the premium tire weighs more than a cheaper tire of the same type or size. This will translate to a higher price.

Average Weight of The Different Tire Types

As mentioned before, a tire type significantly affects its weight. Let’s look at different types of tires and how much they weigh.

Vehicle Tire TypeAverage Weight
Passenger Car Tires27 lbs (12 kg)
Trailer Tires15.5 lbs (7 kg)
Light Truck and SUV Tires48 lbs (22 kg)
Farm and Tractor Tires34 lbs (15 kg)
Commercial Van/Truck Tires115 lbs (52 kg)
ATV Tires23 lbs (10.4 kg)
Motorcycle Tires30 lbs (14 kg)
RV/Motorhome Tires71 lbs (32 kg)
Lawn Mower Tires5.6 lbs (2.5 kg)
Golf Cart Tires10 lbs (4.5 kg)
Car Tire TypeAverage Weight of a Car Tire
Winter23 Lbs / 10.4 Kg
Summer19 Lbs / 8.61 Kg
All-Season20 Lbs / 9.07 Kg
All-Terrain34 Lbs / 15.4 Kg
Off-Road44 Lbs / 19.9 Kg
Performance20 Lbs / 9.07 Kg
Studded40 Lbs / 18.1 Kg

Passenger Car Tires

There are a number of different types of passenger cars available with different wheel sizes. On average, car tire sizes vary from 13 inches to 20 inches.

As stated above, tire size is one of the major factors that determine the weight of a tire. Most passenger car tires weigh between 14 pounds to 22 pounds on average.

Obviously, the bigger the tire, the higher the weight and vice versa. For example, a small passenger car with a 13-inch tire would weigh about 14 pounds, while an SUV with a 20-inch tire would weigh about 22 pounds.

ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle)

ATVs come with tires that can withstand rough surfaces. Because of this, they are designed to withstand uneven terrain and more obstacles.

On average, the all-terrain vehicle tires weigh between 20 and 40 pounds. Additionally, the UTV uses the same type of tires.


A trailer tire should be able to sustain the weight of whatever you are transporting. According to the size of your trailer, a single tire should weigh anywhere around 10 pounds.

Just like any other heavy vehicle, a trailer holds a different number of tires. If your trailer has two axles with dual-tire hubs, it will hold a maximum of eight tires.

Commercial Truck

Obviously, a commercial truck tire should weigh more than a normal pickup truck. These vehicles carry heavy weight loads, and this necessitates large and heavier tires than the average ones. Such tires should also offer the ability to haul and tow.

On average, a commercial truck weighs around 100 pounds and 250 pounds. Like other types, lighter and heavier trucks exist in certain situations.


Just like the passenger car tire, the truck or SUV tire has different sizes. For a light-duty truck, the tire should be able to support regular transportation and towing. However, such tires can also be used on similar SUV models. Because of this, most tires lie between 17 inches and 20 inches.

A truck or SUV tire should weigh between 45 pounds and 100 pounds on average. But some weigh less or more.


Farm and tractor tires come in a wide variety, according to your equipment type. These tires should be strong enough to handle all types of surfaces, and else the owner will not be able to get to crops or complete the tough tasks that are ahead.

For this reason, farm and tractor tires have different weight ratings. Some weigh up to hundreds of pounds, while others can weigh as low as 30 pounds.


A motorcycle tire should be lighter than a passenger car. Therefore, it is essential to maintain such weight to a minimum, and that is why motorcycles use more lightweight tires.

A motorcycle tire should weigh around 8 pounds to 30 pounds on average. Normally, the rear tires weigh more than the front tires.

How Much Does The Whole Wheel Weigh, Including The Rim?

A 16 inch ROH rim has a weight of about 34.17 pounds, and the tire weighs 25lbs. the weight may differ according to the brand that the tire and the rim belong to. Stock 4th generation SE rim weighs between 18-20 lbs, while the whole combination can weigh about 42-44 lbs.

A tire and rim’s weight mainly depends on the material used in the construction, the shape (large or small), and its configuration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Monster Truck Tires Weigh?

Monster truck tires are the heaviest of all and weigh around 362kgs and 408kgs. This heavyweight is a result of the sheer size of the tires. Most of them are 43 inches wide and 66 inches high.

Why Do Tires Weigh So Much?

Several components that are combined to make tires significantly impact their weight. All these parts join to enhance the tire’s wear, traction, and handling. They also provide traction and cornering capabilities for the tire.

Such components are:

The tire tread: this is the topmost slab of the tire that is made of two components, the tread cap and the tread base. The tread cap is an abrasion-resistant material that is used to provide mileage and traction.

Tire Casing: the tire casing is also known as the body of the tire and comprises several components such as the inner liner (which seals the air inside the tire tube), bead (which connects the tire to the wheel), sidewall (which is responsible for providing the tire weather resistance), and body ply (which improves the strength of the tire rubber).

Belt System: the belt system is found at the top of the casing and conveys stability to the tread part of the tire. It also plays a significant role in tire handling, wear, and traction. Most tire industries use steel to make the belt system. This is because steel improves the strength of the treat part without subjecting it to a lot of weight.

Bottom Line

A tire’s weight depends on the type of tire you have on your car. If you drive a heavy-duty track, then the tires on your truck will be heavier than someone who drives a passenger car, even if the tires are of the same size.

On average, commonly found tires on the market have a weight range of between 20 pounds to 300 pounds. However, special tires like those used in monster trucks weigh up to 900 pounds. Such tires enjoy a small share in the market.